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Here i have provided you some softwares hope that they fulfill your necessities, if you need any other kinds of softwares you can email me i will try my best to provide, so be in touch with me in order to provide the better quality.

Convert Word Document to PDF Format

Convert W Document to PDF

ReaPlayer version 11

بلی دوستان ! حالا شما می توانید با انستال نمودن RealPlayer version 11 وید یو های مورد نظر خود را از مختلف شبکه های انترنتی مانند; youtube, Google وغیره به آسانی در کامپیوتر خود داونلود نمایید، و همچنان شما می توانید با کمک این نرم افزار موسقی و اخبار را از شبکه به شکل مستقیم گوش نمایید، شما می توانید این نرم افزار قوی را از این وبلاگ به آسانی داونلود کرده و مورد استفاده قرار بدهید.

طریق داونلود

RealPlayer version 11

SRS Audio Sandbox 1.902

The SRS Audio Sandbox renders surround and stereo output for all sound on your PC, making the most of your listening environment through one simple access point. Since the SRS processing works directly with the actual sound card, it runs more effectively and at a global level, permitting you to have complete control of the sound.

SRS Audio Sandbox

Yahoo Remote ID Remover

This is the software by which you can easily remove your Yahoo ID from the list of the people who are disturbing you and you don’t want any more to chat with them, this can help you in different cases. Its already tested and working perfectly, just download, install and enjoy.

Yahoo Remote ID Remover

Mcafee Antivirus version 8.5

Mcafee version 8.5 among all other versions is working the best, it is testet already you can check it, download, install and protect your computer from virus.

Mcafee 8.5

PDF to Word Convertor 100% working.

PDF to Word Convertor

Adobe Reader version 8.0 100% working

Adobe Reader version 8.0

PDF Reader 100% Working

PDF Reader

Yahoo Messanger 9.0

Yahoo Messanger

Resource Hacker

This software can help you crack and hack the source of softwares and change the specific part of codes and notes. and by this software you can change the start menu of Win XP. all the instructions are given with the this software, download, install and enjoy.

Resource Hacker


Download WinRAR

Folder Lock

Folder Lock

Flash Video Downloader

This software can help you donwload Videos from different websites, such as, google etc…

Flash Video Downloader

Total Video Convertor

Total Video Convertor

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